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Mt. Etna is Raining Rocks & Italy is Locking Down - Again!

It seams, unlike what’s happening in the United States, the sky is falling in Europe!

Just when it seemed like the country of Italy was heading in the right direction, case numbers seem to be going back up and much of the country is setting stricter lockdowns.

For the past several weeks our region has been an improved “yellow zone” and we’ve been cautiously optimistic that we, along with the island region of Sardinia, would soon become a “white zone” - meaning fully re-open.

However, yesterday we got word that the region of Veneto, where we live, is moving backwards and will become an orange zone again as of Monday. 🍊

So what are going to do about it? We’re making a quick trip to Venice for a plate of “Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia” of course (spaghetti with squid & black squid ink), from our favorite Venetian restaurant before we find ourselves back in a more restricted lifestyle.

🦑 💨 🖤


In the meantime, in Southern Italy on the island of Sicily, moody Mt. Etna has begun one of her most spirited eruptions in recent years.

As Europe’s most active and violent volcano, Mt. Etna is known for her semi-regular outbursts. But at a time when the country of Italy is moving back into orange-zone lockdowns, the site of an angry volcano spewing her orange lava into the night skies and blanketing nearby towns in layers of rock and ash for weeks on end, feels less impressive and slightly more ominous. The old saying, “when it rains, it pours” seems to currently apply to pandemics and volcanoes! 🌋

“Spaghetti al Nero di Sepia” - photo by Nathan Heinrich

Photo by - Marco Restivo/Barcroft Media via Getty Images


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