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Mentioned in the Podcast

Moka Bialetti .jpeg

"If I had a nickle for every pot of espresso I have made in our little Bialetti moka.....I would have a lot of nickles!"

- Nathan

Borsalino Hat Co 3.png
Borsalino Hat Box.jpeg

The Best & Oldest Italian Hat Company

Crafting fine hats in Alessandria, Italy since 1857

Borsalino Hats Co 2.jpeg

"When I bought my first Borsalino hat I knew it was something I would have forever!   There are so few heritage hat makers left in the world these days - it's a pleasure to wear a piece of art and that will never go out of style!"

- Nathan

Paint Set 2.jpg
Van Gogh .jpg

"This fabulous set of paints in it's beautiful wooden box gave me the courage to start painting again - I have loved every second I've spent with this investment!"

- Nathan

Nathan's Book Club!

Extra Virginity Pic.jpeg

"I'll never think about olive oil the same way after reading this incredible book. 
Never buying "fake oil" ever again!   It's a total game changer!"


The Olive Farm.jpg

"This Book Changed my Life!   It's a must-read for anyone considering a move to a new Mediterranean country!   
I highly recommend the audio book, which is read by the absolutely wonderful author!"

- Nathan

101 Essays the will Chance Your Life.jpg

From Season 2: Episode 15

"This book is truly transformative as it helps to recalibrate the way you view yourself, others and the world around you!   It's a book that I will be reading again and again for the rest of my life!   I particularly enjoy the audio version of this book to listen to while I'm out for a walk!"


- Nathan

The Hidden Life of Trees.jpeg
The Secret Wisdom of Nature.jpeg

From Season 2: Episode 23

It's not often that you discover a book that impacts the way you view the world for the rest of your life - it's even rarer to discover two books that do this from the same author! 

 I wish everyone would read these books!   They are incredible must-reads!

- Nathan

Real Artists Don't Starve.jpeg

From Season 2: Episode 16


"This book is a MUST READ for anyone who is a creative person and has ever doubted the importance or relevance of their work or the fact that they deserve to make money for creating their art!   I've read it again and again and I believe you're going to love it!  Enjoy! 


- Nathan

All Creatures Great & Small.jpeg

From Season 2: Episode 17

Book 1


"As a very young boy, I discovered these books and fell in love with the characters, the animals, and the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales of England!   These books and the original TV show have become a part of me and my family over the years - there's not a person alive who shouldn't experience the exquisite pleasure found in these pages!


- Nathan

The Alchemist.jpeg

From Season 3: Episodes 9 - 


"Of all the books I have ever read, few have had a greater influence on my life.  I highly recommend the audio version of this book read by Jeremy Irons.   Reading, or listening, is believing.  Enjoy! 


- Nathan


Borsellino .jpeg

"Each in their own special way, these films are real treasures and each of them will take you into a world of Italy in days gone by.   
My favorite is 'Malena' I fell in love with Italy when I watched it 21 years ago, and I knew I had to visit this enchanting country!"



Dinner Club.jpg

From Season 2: Episode 15

"This show is very special for several reasons.   First, it's new and fresh.   Second, it shows you what modern Italians are like when they're in their comfort zone spending time with other Italians.   Third, the show was recorded in original spoken Italian with English subtitles - somewhat of a rare thing!   The perfect show for anyone wanting to practice their Italian comprehension!  Enjoy! 


 - Nathan 

Mandarin Logo w_ transparent background_edited.png

O U R     N E W E S T    S P O N S O R     I S

Favorite Italian Language App!
Once Again Rated Best Language app in 2022!


The Single Best Product for Anyone Living or Traveling in Italy or Anywhere!

Netflix Transparent Logo.png
Prime_Video-Logo Transparent.png
Disney Transparent.png
Hulu Transparent Logo.png

- Make & Receive Free International WiFi Calls & Texts
  from Your Cell Phone - Allowing You to Keep Your
  Number & Cell Service Provider - from 150+ Countries

- Protects Up to 5 Devices Simultaneously from Fraud
  and Identity Theft While Using Public WiFi
- Allows All Your Streaming Services to Work
  in Italy (or Anywhere) otherwise these Services
  are Blocked while Traveling

Podcast Listeners get 3 Months FREE and 35% off one-year plans!


"My Friends, I have used Express VPN for a year now and I love it so much!   I'm so happy that this wonderful company is offering all my listeners such a generous deal!" - Nathan


Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 2.48.48 AM.png

"When I discovered this Italian real estate site (the Zillow of Italy) the property search game changed completely!   If you've been trying to find a place to search for property in Italy this is THE SITE you've been looking for!   Let me know what you find!"

- Nathan

Some of Nathan's Favorite

Italian Botanical & Gardening Books


Great Grandma Jo’s
Persimmon Cookie Recipe:


Jo Ewin 1905 - 2006


4 cups Flour (sifted)

2 tsp Baking Soda

1 tsp Salt

2 cups White Sugar

2 Eggs (beaten)

2 cubes of Butter or Margarine (soft)

1 Tbsp Cinnamon

2 tsp Nutmeg

1/4 tsp of Cloves

2 cups of Persimmon Pulp (from 3-4 very ripe Hachiya Persimmons)




Cream butter and sugar together then add the eggs and pulp

so that all wet ingredients are combined.


Combine all dry ingredients into a separate bowl and then slowly

add the wet ingredients to the dry until fully combined creating a 

blonde, thick batter.


Bake in a pre-heated 350 degree (F) oven for 10-12 minutes.


Place large tablespoon scoops evenly spaced onto a non-stick greased

cookie sheet placed near the top rack of the hot oven.


Watch closely and don’t overbake - some ovens may bake faster than

12 min.   When the edges and top of the cookies begin to turn from blonde

to golden they are probably done!


Let cookies cool completely before putting them into a Christmas tin

stacked with layers of wax paper in between each layer of cookies.


The cookies freeze very well!   


Great Grandma Jo baked lots of batched and froze them as well as the

extra persimmon pulp for future batches, as the persimmons became

ripe all at the same time!


Enjoy from My Family to Yours!


- Nathan

persimmons (1).png
Nathan IMTI photo w:flag.png

A few words from Nathan...

   "Friends, by now you know me well enough to know that, I dislike advertisements and I am committed to never pushing products or services on my listeners.   

    However, from time to time, I mention a book or an item that I use daily, or something I have found to make my life in Italy (as an American foreigner) a bit easier and more efficient.

   This page is the only location where I will be sharing these items.   

A few of the items have affiliate links which means you get a better price by purchasing the item through my link and the company may reward me with a bonus if you make a purchase.   But to be clear, any relationship I have with Amazon or any other company is because I used their specific product first and after finding it to be of value to me, I have decided to add it to my list of suggested products and services and share it with you, a Member of my Listening Family!

  Grazie mille!


  Ciao Ciao Ciao!" 


- Nathan Heinrich

 Host of the "I'm Moving to Italy" Podcast

Olives transparent.png

Some Recent Questions from Our Family of Listeners:

"What was the name of that book about Olive Oil?"


"Nathan, what lauguage app do you use for learning Italian?"

"Hey Nathan, what VPN do you use to make your Netflix and Amazon Prime work in Italy?  Also, how do you make free WiFi calls from Italy?"

"Yo, Nathan, what was that paint, from Holland, do you use when you're oil painting?"

"Hey Nathan, what cell service do you use in Italy?  Do you still have your American phone number?"

"Nathan, we were wondering when your vacation rental will be available!   My daughter and I are eager to come visit our friends in Italy!"

"Um,, where did you get that Olive Oil in Puglia - and can I order some for myself?"

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