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Podcast Interviews

Here you will find the contact info and links to our most recent podcast guests

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Chicche Language

Vera Sarzano & Irene Giganti

Founders of Chicche Language, Vera and Irene are a dynamic team of top Italian language coaches who are fluent in 5 additional languages.

   Following their initial interview, Vera joined the podcast in Season 4 with a special weekly segment called "La Vera Italia"

Harrison Wade Headshot.png

Harrison Wade

Masters Architecture Student

In episode 4 of Season 5, Nathan interviews the charming and hilarious Harrison Wade - an architecture student enrolled in a masters program in the Eternal City of Rome.

This is one of our favorite interviews and it's filled with great stories, lots of laughter, and maybe a bit too much white wine! 

Paolo Rigo - Studio Rigo.jpg

Paolo Rigo

Studio Rigo - Italian Tax Expert

If you are planning to move to Italy for work, investment, retirement, or any other reason, you will need to find an expert who understands the complicated and confusing Italian tax code.

Paolo Rigo is just the expert you are looking for.   His firm, Studio Rigo, is the best in Italy.

Listen to Nathan's interview with Paolo by clicking the links below.

Tammy - Cheap Italian Dream Homes.jpg

Cheap Italian Dream Homes

Tammy - Founder 

If you have a dream of moving to Italy or investing in Italian real estate, CHEAP ITALIAN DREAM HOMES is the best site for any English-speaking property hunter.

Tammy, the inspiring founder and a native of Scotland, is an Italian translator who spends a great deal of time in Italy.

Listen to her fantastic interview with Nathan in Season 5 Episode 3.

Interview with Danny McCubbin - The Good Kitchen.jpg

Danny McCubbin

The Good Kitchen

After 17 years in London working as celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's right-hand man, Danny embarked on a new adventure in Italy.   

The Good Kitchen is the latest chapter in Danny McCubbin's wildly unconventional life.

Nathan's 2-part interview with Danny can be streamed from Season 4 - Episodes 8 & 9

Gunnell Innovation.png

Gunnell Innovation

Megan & Freeman Gunnell

Founders of Gunnel Innovation, Megan and Freeman Gunnel are a husband and wife team who host exclusive culinary tours in Italy and France

Podcast Interviews (1).jpg

Sailing Around The Med

Giulia Farnetani & Tommaso Colella

One of the very first interviews on the podcast was with this inspiring and adventurous young couple.   Giulia and Tommaso combine their love of sailing and the Mediterranean Sea with their passion for conservation and cleaning plastic from the world's oceans and beaches.   A truly fascinating interview.

Lynn & Steve at Brambletye.png

Lynn & Steve 


After leading separate lives with Lynn flying around the world on British Airways and Steve in Law enforcement protecting the British Royal Family, these two moved to Italy and bought their beautiful farm in the hills of Abruzzo!

Nathan's 2-part interview with Lynn & Steve can be streamed from Season 4 - Episodes 20 & 21

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