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My First 2 Months in Italy

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

These first 8 weeks in Italy have been filled with lots of adjusting

There's the adjustments to the language, the walking, the fabulous food and the complete absence of tourists in Italy for the first time since.....well....maybe the first time ever.

I've had and recovered from Covid. I've lost weight. I've started a podcast (along with every other Millennial on the planet). I've re-learned how to drive a stick-shift - sorta. I've been house hunting (as much as the lockdowns will allow. I've celebrated my first birthday in Italy! And I've unplugged from the nasty world of politics in the USA.

But to be clear, it's been anything but perfect, and I'm in a daily battle with myself to establish new and healthy habits. I'm trying to accomplish goals while allowing for flexibility. I'm trying to get back into the "mood" to write, which I'm beginning to realize I'll never be in - thus the need for the habits.

One must not wait for the mood, one must start and allow the mood to begrudgingly fall into line - or not.

The two consistent habits I have successfully been able to form are:

- Studying Italian on Duo Lingo (highly recommend) *feel free to sponsor me Duo Longo!😏

- And I make a green smoothie everyday from all the wonderful fresh produce Italy has to offer!

My smoothies usually consists of carrots, celery, lettuce, oranges, lemons, bananas, kiwis, oats, almonds, dates, pumpkin seeds, berries and pears or apples.

I've been drinking my smoothie during the day and it has helped with staying ahead of hunger and cravings.

The other thing that I must confess I'm feeling relieved and grateful to have finished is this website. While I am a designer, and the most basic graphic designer at that, I'm about as tech savvy as an Elephant Seal. 😐 The fact that I was finally able to hit the "Publish" button on podcast website today felt like an Elephant Seal who just finished his first 5k run!

I'm exhausted and the melatonin that the Italian doctor, with whom I live, admisters on nightly basis has kicked in - 2 hours ago. But tonight, as with most nights since moving here I'm going to bed feeling many things. But mostly, I feel enormous gratitude.


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